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Researching Online FNG

How do I find a notice?

Public notices are published in Part I of the online FNGand are available in electronic format only (i.e. not available in the printed Gazette).

You can also search for notices using the Search Builder wizard.

How do I find First Nation laws, by-laws, and codes?

Laws enacted under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act, by-laws enacted under section 83 of the Indian Act, and First Nation codes are found in Part II of the online FNG.

What other documents are available?

In Part III of the online FNG, you can also find:

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Publication of Laws, By-laws and Other Enactments

How do I submit a law, by-law or other enactment for publication?

For information on publishing laws, by-laws and other enactments in the First Nations Gazette, please see our About Laws page.


Public Notification Service

What is the public notification service?

The First Nations Gazette provides an online service for the publication of notices respecting aboriginal matters.

Who can submit notices for publication?

The public notification service is open to anyone with an interest in aboriginal matters, including First Nation governments, other governments, government institutions, and the private sector.

The FNG aims to provide the service to the widest audience possible, including but not limited to First Nations, aboriginal organizations, government departments, libraries, resource and utility-based companies, and members of the legal community.

What kinds of public notices does FNG publish?

The FNGpublishes notices respecting aboriginal matters. First Nation governments, other governments, government institutions, and the private sector are all welcome to use the service.

Examples of notices include

  • proposed First Nations tax rates;
  • notice of band elections;
  • consultations and public input;
  • section 6 notice under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (notice of proposed local revenue laws and invitation to make representations);


Click here to view the full list of notice categories accepted for publication.

Can I advertise in the FNG?

No. The FNG public notification service does not accept nor publish notices containing advertising.

Additionally, FNG will not accept any submissions containing:

  • Content of a personal nature
  • Offensive or defamatory content
  • Critical political content
  • False, inaccurate, misleading or fraudulent information

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Notice Submissions and Publication

How do I submit notices for publication?

You must first register for an account in order to be able to submit notices for publication.

Once registered, you will be able to place notices through an online submission process via your registered account, which also allows you to create new notices, modify saved notices, view your account status, postings history, and more.

What is the cost of placing a notice?

Access to the FNG and publication of notices, laws, by-laws, land codes, and account registration are free of charge.

How often are public notices published?

Notices are published on an on-going basis or “on demand”, as and when a posting submission is accepted and approved for publication.

A posting will be published to the Notices section of FNG website on the date(s) indicated in the notice submission (subject to review and approval).

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Enquiries and Support

I am new to FNG. How can I find out more about the public notification service?

An overview of the service including a description of the notification process in 3 easy steps is available here.

I have a registered account. How do I find instructions on how to access my account and submit notices for publication?

A submission guide on using the features of the public notification service is available for registered users here.

Who do I contact with questions and comments?

Please send us your questions and comments via the online Contact Us form.

Registered users can send a message to the administrator directly through the Communication Board from the Personal Account page.

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[Date modified: 2014-04-23]

Use the Name Search to verify a First Nation’s official name and look up variant names.

For consistency and ease of reference, the FNG website uses only the officially registered First Nation names and band numbers.

More information on band names and band name changes can be obtained from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.


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