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About Us

The mission of the First Nations Gazette is to provide a comprehensive source for First Nation legislation in Canada, including laws, by-laws and other enactments, and to provide a public notification service for matters affecting First Nations.


The First Nations Gazette has five core objectives:

1. To provide a comprehensive source for First Nation legislation with free, online access;
2. To enhance the recognition of First Nation legislation through notice and publication;
3. To encourage consistency in First Nation legislation through adherence to a Style Guide;
4. To provide an online public notification service for aboriginal matters; and
5. To keep First Nations' costs of publication to a minimum.

About the First Nations Gazette

The First Nations Gazette (the “Gazette”) was officially launched on June 21, 1997 (Aboriginal Day), in response to the growing need to provide public notice of First Nation legislation as First Nations increasingly exercise and expand their legislative jurisdictions. Provincial and federal governments publish their laws, regulations, and other notices through their Gazettes. The Gazette provides a similar service for First Nations.

In 2014, the Gazette transitioned to an exclusively electronic publication. The online Gazette provides a free, searchable database of all First Nation laws, by-laws, and other enactments that are published in the Gazette.

The Gazette is a dynamic source of information of First Nations law for use by First Nation governments, their members and the public. It has been well received and used in First Nation and legal circles, by the public and in the courts. Federal statutes have increasingly identified the First Nations Gazette as the official vehicle for notification and publication.

History of the First Nations Gazette

Parts of the First Nations Gazette

Part I is the Public Notification Service. First Nation governments and others may post notices in the First Nations Gazette using this service.

Part II is the register of First Nation legislation.  The legislation contained in Part II includes laws required by federal statute to be published in the Gazette, and other laws, by-laws and enactments submitted to the Gazette for publication by First Nations. The legislation published in Part II can be accessed and downloaded individually through a searchable database, or can be viewed as a consolidated digital volume that is updated annually. All legislation is published in the exact form in which it was submitted to the Gazette, in order to preserve its integrity.

Part III contains documents related to First Nation law-making, such as standards, policies, procedures, and sample laws and by-laws. These include First Nations Fiscal Management Act sample laws, sample section 83 Indian Act by-laws, standards and procedures established under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act, and policies of First Nations and First Nation institutions.  The documents in Part III can be accessed and downloaded through a searchable database.

First Nations Gazette Style Guide

The First Nations Gazette Style Guide provides general guidelines for the preparation and drafting of First Nation laws and by-laws to be published in the Gazette. All sample laws and by-laws, policies, procedures, and standards established by the First Nations Tax Commission are formatted in accordance with the Style Guide prior to publication in the Gazette.

First Nations are encouraged to consult the Style Guide for information on all aspects of editorial style to ensure consistency and clarity in the drafting of First Nation laws and by-laws.



Use the Name Search to verify a First Nation’s official name and look up variant names.

For consistency and ease of reference, the FNG website uses only the officially registered First Nation names and band numbers.

More information on band names and band name changes can be obtained from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.


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