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Publication of Laws in the Gazette

First Nation laws, by-laws and other enactments are published in Part II of the First Nations Gazette (the “Gazette”). The legislation contained in Part II includes laws required by federal statute to be published in the Gazette, as well as other laws, by-laws and enactments made by First Nations and submitted to the Gazette for publication. The legislation published in Part II can be accessed and downloaded individually through a searchable database, or can be viewed as a consolidated digital volume that is updated monthly.   All legislation is published in the exact form in which it was submitted to the Gazette, in order to preserve its integrity.

About this Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide instructions for submitting First Nation laws, by-laws and other First Nation enactments (collectively, “Laws”) for publication in the Gazette. This guide does not apply to First Nation laws made under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act, or to First Nation by-laws made under section 83 of the Indian Act, as those laws and by-laws are submitted for publication directly by the First Nations Tax Commission and the First Nations Financial Management Board after each law or by-law is approved.

In addition to this guide, you are also advised to consult the First Nations Tax Commission Policy Respecting Publication in the First Nations Gazette.




In order to submit a Law for publication, a person must first create an account with the Gazette.   Register for an account at

Laws are submitted for publication through an online submission process using a registered account. This account can also be used to submit notices for publication on the Gazette, and to check the status of your postings, view your postings history, and more.

Who Can Submit a Law

First Nation Laws may only be submitted for publication by an authorized representative of the First Nation, by the government of Canada, or by an agency or organization authorized to publish or submit the Law for publication.

Viewing Published Laws

All laws published in the Gazette are available online for viewing, and are consolidated in annual volumes of the Digital Gazette. The Digital Gazette is available online at



Preparing a Law for Submission

The final or approved paper version the law is submitted to the Gazette. The the date and location of enactment, quorum number and signature blocks (names and titles of councillors) should be verified prior to submission.

Laws must be submitted with the signature blocks, as certified copies or with an approval certificate or letter.

Laws must be submitted as a single PDF document. Certificates, letters of approval, maps and graphics must be included in the PDF.

Online Submission Process

To begin the submission process, sign in to your Gazette account.

From your personal account page, choose [submit a Law, by-law or other enactment].

You will be prompted to complete the following information:

  1. Choose the document type: From the drop-down list, choose the type of law being submitted. If the type does not appear on the list, choose ”Other Law, By-law or Enactment” and type in the legislative authority for the Law in the [description] box.
  2. In the indicated boxes, type in the Title or Citation of the Law, and the date of enactment of the Law.
  3. Upload the Law document as a single PDF document.
  4. Submit the Law for publication using the [submit] button.

Review of Submitted Laws

Subject to operational demands, submitted Laws will be reviewed within five(5) business days. On receiving a Law for publication, the Gazette may

  1. Request additional information or documentation to support the request; and
  2. Require the First Nation to provide the Law in a specified format.

After receipt and review of any additional information or documents requested, and provided the Gazette has not identified any issue respecting publication, a digitized copy of the Law will be published on the Gazette website, and a notice of the publication will be published in Part 1 of the Gazette.

The Gazette reserves the right to refuse publication of any Law, including where it cannot verify the authenticity of the Law or the authority for the Law, or where the Law is not provided in a format that can be digitized for publication.

Publication Schedule

Laws are published on an on-going basis, as and when a Law is reviewed and accepted for publication.

An email notification will be sent to the submitter when the Law is published.

Publication Format

Laws published in the Gazette are digitally imaged and reproduced in the exact form in which they are submitted for publication, subject only to minor formatting alterations for publication purposes in the Digital Gazette. For guidelines on formatting legislation, see the First Nations Gazette Style Guide.

Laws are accepted in either of the official languages of Canada (i.e. English and French), and are published only in the language in which the Law is submitted to the Gazette.

Status of Submission

You may check the status of your Law publication request by signing into your account and looking under the [Laws Submission History] tab.

The following status indicators may be associated with your publication request:


Law has been submitted and placed in queue pending review.

In review

Law is being reviewed.


Law is approved for publication and will be published as soon as possible.


Law was not approved for publication.



General Enquiries

For general enquiries and technical support, please send a message using the online Contact Us form.

Registered users can send a message to the administrator directly through the Communication Board when logged into their on-line account.


Account Termination

To inquire about closing your Gazette account, please send us a message.

Use the Name Search to verify a First Nation’s official name and look up variant names.

For consistency and ease of reference, the FNG website uses only the officially registered First Nation names and band numbers.

More information on band names and band name changes can be obtained from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.


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