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Public Notification Service

The First Nations Gazette provides an online service for the publication of notices respecting aboriginal matters. First Nation governments, other governments, government institutions, and the private sector are all welcome to use the service.

Examples of notices include

  • proposed First Nations tax rates;
  • notice of band elections;
  • consultations and public input;
  • section 6 notice under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (notice of proposed local revenue laws and invitation to make representations);
  • announcement of newly appointed Chief Executive Officer to an aboriginal institution;
  • Hearing Order issued by a review panel for a pipeline project.

*For information on publishing section 81 (Indian Act) by-laws in the First Nations Gazette, please contact us at:

View full list of notice categories (with more examples) accepted for publication.

Detailed information on the service can be found in the associated Policy Directive and Terms and Conditions of Service.

For assistance with using the service, including registration and notice submission, visit the FAQ and the Submission Guide.

Notification in 3 Easy Steps

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Quick and Easy Public Notice

The FNG Public Notification Service makes it quick and easy to meet all your notice requirements.

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  All steps are completed online, from account registration, notice submission, to publication.

Status tracking from start to finish

  Email notifications are sent to keep you updated throughout the process.

Account access on the go

  Your account status and postings history is available anytime through the web login.

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Read on to find out more about each step.

Register to Post Notices Confirm your registration Submit Notice

First Nations Gazette needs to verify the identity of clients who wish to post notices. This verification is necessary to protect the integrity of the Gazette and to prevent fraudulent submissions.

During the account registration process, you will be asked to provide some personal information (which includes name, organization, email, address, contact numbers and language preference). After submitting the information, you will receive an email requesting you to click on a confirmation link.

Email verification ensures that we have the correct contact information on file, since all notifications relating to your postings will be sent via email.


The next step includes account confirmation. A representative from FNG will contact you via your email and call you at your organization’s contact number. Your posting account will not be active until such time that the verification process has been completed.

Once all the verification steps have been completed, you can immediately log in from the home page and start submitting notices.


Through your registered account, there are two options for submitting a notice for publication:

  1. Upload a file from your computer (in Microsoft Word format only); or
  2. Draft your notice directly in the browser with the text editor provided (more economical and faster option).

In order to assist users with certain notices, depending on the category of notice you wish to post, there may be templates available for you to modify and use.

Notices are reviewed by editors for content and grammar. Only minor corrections (such as punctuation or spelling) may be made by the editors. All other errors will have to be corrected by the user and the notice must be re-submitted.

Any notice which does not meet the submission requirements of the FNG will be rejected. Details of submission requirements are found in the Policy Directive.

You must be a registered user to post notice!

Use the Name Search to verify a First Nation’s official name and look up variant names.

For consistency and ease of reference, the FNG website uses only the officially registered First Nation names and band numbers.

More information on band names and band name changes can be obtained from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.


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