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First Nation Laws, By-laws and other Enactments

First Nation laws, by-laws and other enactments are published in Part II of the First Nations Gazette (the “Gazette). The legislation contained in Part II includes laws required by federal statute to be published in the Gazette, as well as other laws, by-laws and enactments made by First Nations and submitted to the FNG for publication.

Examples of First Nations laws, by-laws and other enactments include:

  • By-laws enacted under section 85, section 83 and section 81 of the Indian Act;
  • First Nation land codes;
  • Laws enacted under the First Nations Goods and Services Tax Act;
  • Election codes enacted under the First Nations Elections Act;
  • Laws enacted under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act;

For instructions on submitting a First Nation law, by-law or other enactment for publication, visit the Submission Guide and FAQ. Information on the associated policies and terms and conditions can be found in the Policy and Terms and Conditions of Service.

Publication in 3 Easy Steps
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The First Nations Gazette verifies the identity of clients who wish to publish First Nation laws, by-laws and other enactments. This verification is necessary to protect the integrity of the Gazette and to prevent fraudulent submissions. The same account is used to submit public notices for publication in Part I of the Gazette.

During the account registration process, users will be asked to provide some personal information (which includes name, organization, email, address, contact numbers and language preference). After submitting the information, users will receive an account registration confirmation link.

Email verification ensures that the correct contact information is on file, since all notifications relating to postings will be sent via email.

A representative from the Gazette will send an email and verify the telephone number provided. Once the account has been verified, a user can log in and start submitting notices.

Through a registered account, a law can be uploaded in .pdf format.

The Gazette reserves the right to refuse publication of any Law, including where it cannot verify the authenticity of the Law or the authority for the Law, or where the Law is not provided in a format that can be digitized for publication.

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Use the Name Search to verify a First Nation’s official name and look up variant names.

For consistency and ease of reference, the FNG website uses only the officially registered First Nation names and band numbers.

More information on band names and band name changes can be obtained from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.


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